CLANDESTINO BOTNIK – a festival excursion

Since 2009 we have arranged a festival excursion to the artist driven and idyllic summer farmhouse Botnik Studios at the end of July.

This year we are very proud to present Tinariwen [Mali],  Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars [Sierra Leone], Wildbirds & Peacedrums [Stockholm], Malaikat dan Singa [Olympia], Strangers Island [New York], SlowPitch [Toronto], Pursuit Grooves [New York], Sea Lion [Göteborg], Skatan [Göteborg], Johan Jönson [Stockholm] amongst others.

Bring a sleeping bag and tent (tent space is included) if you don’t want to sleep at the area’s hostel or with friends in the area.

Address: Skärholmen Övergård 2 i Hamburgsund near Bottna and Gerlesborg. This excursion takes place the 21nd-22nd of July and is arranged in collaboration with Gerlesborgskolan and Botnik Studios with significant support from Svenska PostkodLotteriet and Tanums Kommun.

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Clandestino Festival 8-10 July 2012


Röda Sten, Gothenburg, Sweden [map]


Clandestino  Festival takes place June 8-10th 2012


The festival pass costs 800 SEK ordinarily. This covers the whole program from the 8th-10th of June 2012. It also provides free entry to the lectures at Clandestino Institut throughout the year as well as certain warm-up nights.

If there is space we will also release one day passes for about 450 SEK per day. It is also possible to purchase a Gold pass which covers all of the program during  Clandestino Festival 8-10 June plus Clandestino Botnik 21-22 July 2012. This costs 1000 kronor + service  fees and gives entry to Clandestino Festival, Clandestino Botnik (including tent space) as well as lectures through the whole of 2012.

Individual two day passes to Clandestino Botnik cost 450 SEK.

All advanced purchases are sold via our website. Retailers service fees (4 % of the ticket price) are additional. Pre-purchased tickets can be collected at the box office during the festival (ID and bookings number are required).


Clandestino Festival has taken place yearly in Gothenburg since 2003. It is an alternative music festival which also includes other art forms as well as platforms for discussions. With international artists from places formed by the tsunami of global migration, here we create an innovative alternative to the commercial mainstream.

One of the original motivations for the founding of the festival was to focus attention on the case of Peter Ekwiri who – after being denied asylum in Sweden – was wrongly dumped in Ghana, despite coming from Uganda/Sudan.

The festival reaches beyond multiculturalism and takes up struggle against the current variations of racism. This exists in the center of migration and diversity, and  against prevailing images of cultural difference. The project in its entirety inspires thinking about difference between groups of people radically, beyond exoticism, victimization and the demonisation of representations.

Through a genre-bending electronic intifada, posing of known and future legends, underground university talks and tantalizing imagery, Clandestino Festival has provided the possibility of another sort of heart beat.


Throughout the years we have had the honor of presenting artists such as Lee ”Scratch” Perry, Orchestra Baobab, Fatoumata Diawara, Buju Banton, Hindi Zahra, Konono N° 1, José González, Susheela Raman, Little Dragon, The Göteborg String Theory, Khaira Arby, Wu Fei, and many more. Amongst thinkers and writers we have hosted Nawal El Saadawi, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Trinh T Minh-ha.


The project is produced by Clandestino Institut through the nonprofit Kulturföreningen BwC with support from Västra Götalandsregionens Kulturnämnd, Svenska PostkodLotteriet, Göteborgs Stads Kulturnämnd och Statens Kulturråd.

Konstnärlig ledare: Aleksander Motturi. Projektkoordinator: Nathalie Bödtker-Lund. Seminariekoordinator: Sara Nelson Westin och My Larsson. Teknisk koordinator: Karin Holmgren. Pressansvarig och textproduktion: Markus Görsch. Grafisk form: Dan Bunnskog. Volontärkoordinator: Johan Asplund. Animation: Sebastian Marenius. Produktionsassistans: Johan Lind, Johanna Byström, Michelle Bödtker-Lund, Johan Tejpar, Hanna Karlsson, Julia Göransdotter & Othmane Rezine. Revision: Silva Hildbrand. Webb: Jesper Lind och Johan Grettve, Nodestar. Dokumentation: Kari Jantzén, Damien Priest, David Márques López, Linda Hofvander, Nora Bencivenni, Roozbeh Behtaji, Amanda Johansson & Lotta Andersson. Advisory Board: Dave Watts (co-curator), Edda Manga, Michael Azar, Johannes Anyuru, Christian Pallin, Mattias Gardell, Daniel Lemma, Noah Tewolde, My Andrén Rosenlind, Anna Gavanas, Göran Dahlberg och Nathalie Barusta Gäbel. Ett stort megahypertack till alla volontärer.


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