Free Nass Makan show


Mazaher, photo: Anna Lamberg

After two months of hard work, our guests of honor from Ecca Makan were finally granted visas visas by the Swedish Embassy in Cairo. They’re rehearsing now for three gigs this weekend culminating in a collaboration with Amina Hocine at Skjul Fyra Sex, Saturday 6 June. We can now also reveal that Nass Makan (the other group from Cairo) performs at Stigberget Svänger och Svär in The Söderlingska park near Stigbergstorget during The International Day celebration on 6 June at 19:00 (free entrance). So do not despair if you missed getting a three-day pass to Clandestino Festival that guarantees admission to the sold out opening night at Oceanen. Note, for those of you who managed to get hold of the three-day pass you have to be in place in good time. Doors open at 18:00. Entrance to the concert is via the alley on the lower long side of Culture Ocean.








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