We have been arranging an annual festival excursion to the artist driven farm Botnik Studios, just outside Gerlesborg in Bohuslän (Skärholmen Övergård 2, 457 48 Hamburgsund) since 2009. Clandestino Botnik is a collaboration with Botnik Studios and the art school Gerlesborgsskolan, where parts of the  program take place. Visit our image archive.

Festival Bus
The best way to get from Göteborg to Clandestino Botnik is by Festivalbussen. The bus departs from Shell at Nils Ericsson-terminalen (near Göteborg central station) at 14.20 the 25 July and from the festival Sunday 27 July 15.00. Travel time 1 h 40 min per direction. Affordable, environmentally sustainable, the best atmosphere plenty of room for tents, sleeping bags other stuff you need. Price 295 SEK return ticket| Buy tickets

Clandestino Festival is an alternative music festival that also includes other art forms and talks, that has taken place in Göteborg since 2003. The festivalfeatures international artists from places that are shaped by the the waves of global migration, creating a new alternative to commercial mainstream culture.

One of the original motifs was to bring attention to the case of Peter Ekwiri who was incorrectly deported to Ghana, even though he came from Uganda and Sudan,  after having been refused asylum in Sweden.

The festival reaches beyond multi-culturalism and fights the new faces of racism. It takes place at the center of migration and pluralism and challenges dominating ideas of cultural differences. The project in its entirety inspires to think rethink differences between people, beyon exotism, victimization and demonization.

By means of a genre defying electronic uproar, a posing of known and future legends, underground academic excursions and suggestive sound art, Clandestino Festival creates a different heart beat.

Over the years we have had the honor to present artsists such as  Lee “Scratch” Perry, Anoushka Shankar, Orchestra Baobab, Fatoumata Diawara, Buju Banton, Hindi Zahra, Konono N° 1, José González, Susheela Raman, Little Dragon, Shangaan Electro, Khaira Arby, Wu Fei, Junip, Talvin Singh, Fun^da^mental, Nisennenmondai, Le peuple de l’herbe, Batida, Débruit & Alsahra, Tori Ensemble and Tinariwen. Among many writers and artists we have presented are Nawal El Saadawi, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Linton Kwesi Johnson and Trinh T Minh-ha most known.

Previous editions:
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There is no general rule about how old you have to be to attend our events. Certain restrictions for people younger than 18 years apply to venues that serve alcohol, due to Swedish alcohol legislation. For more information please contact the venue in question.

Clandestino Festival is arranged by the non-profit organisation Clandestino Institut, with support from Västra Götalandsregionens Kulturnämnd, Göteborgs Stads Kulturnämnd and Statens Kulturråd. Artistic director: Aleksander Motturi. Project coordinator: Karin Gréen. Writing: Markus Görsch. Grafic design: Dan Bunnskog, Milena Karlsson. Economy: Silva Hildebrand. Web: Jesper Lind, Erik Grettve and Johan Grettve, Nodestar. Documentation: Kari Jantzén, Damien Priest, David Márques López, Linda Hofvander, Nora Bencivenni, Roozbeh Behtaji, Amanda Johansson & Lotta Andersson. Advisory Board: Dave Watts (co-curator), Edda Manga, Michael Azar, Johannes Anyuru, Mattias Gardell, Daniel Lemma, Noah Tewolde, My Andrén Rosenlind, Christian Pallin, Anna Gavanas, Göran Dahlberg, Nathalie Barusta Gäbel. A big megahyperthanks to all volunteers.

For the latest updates, please sign up to our newsletter (see above) and like us on facebook. Questions? info [at] clandestinofestival [dot] org. Letters, postcards: Clandestino Institut, Stigbergstorget 8, 414 63 Göteborg, Sweden.