Neshama Band takes a new approach to traditional music from Syria and creates a soundtrack for the revolution: The music is almost entirely acoustic, but has a strong loop-like character. Arabic dance rhythms mixed with minimalist music. Traditional instruments from the Middle East like rababa and oud intermingle with saxophones, tuba, piano and sometimes synths.

The group’s leader Wael Alkak is a former member of the Syrian National Orchestra. During the revolution in Syria, he was subjected to torture and was held captive before he fled to Lebanon and then to France. Neshama was formed when he traveled around with his mobile studio and recorded with an array of musicians in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, USA and Syria.

Certainly the texts depict his own experiences, but the album also shares many of the songs sung by the crowds during the revolution. Strong feelings characterize the music: pain and sorrow but also pride and A desire for freedom.

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