Ellen Arkbro

Describing her work as reduced, slow blues music, Ellen Arkbro affords her compositions the time they require to blossom; the longest to date lasted 26 days! Electronic sounds, walls of abstract electric guitar and sumptuous sculptures of overtones vibrate in the air… somehow, it seems only logical that Ellen Arkbro has drawn inspiration from minimalist artist LaMonte Young’s Dream House, as much as from shoegaze legends My Bloody Valentine.

Throughout Arkbro’s music, a love for the physics of sound weaves itself in and out of waveforms both harmonious and dissonant. Her latest  album For Organ and Brass came out in early 2017 and was created in part using a German church organ from 1624, with meantone temperament (a different tuning than the today’s standard). The record features organ and brass instruments merging to form a rolling ocean of sound to dive into. At Clandestino Festival, Ellen Arkbro will play on the slightly more modernized  Masthuggskyrkan organ, inaugurated 1914, the same year as the church for which the instrument was named.