Her coarse sound collages have gained acclaim from Pitchfork, The Wire and other publications that tend to label Klein’s work as “experimental electronic music,” along with Hype Williams and Micachu. However, Klein herself has about zero percent patience with music machines. A dedicated DIY artist, she prefers to work with found sounds collected on her cell phone: a crackling door, a piano, the sound of a Nigerian priest … which she then edits. Her voice is the most important instrument in the mix, fragmented into a kind of r’n’b jigsaw-puzzle where the pieces don’t quite match. She grew up in religious households, between London and Nigeria, where gospel was the only music she heard. Klein is not embarrassed to admit she has little interest in the experimental music scene she supposedly belongs to. Instead, her most important influences are Andrew Lloyd Webber, Brandy and the TV series Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.