Bamba Wassouolou Groove

This funky seven-man group was formed by Bamba Dembélé, originally designed as a tribute band playing the songs of his legendary band Super Djata Band, a combo that made their homeland of Mali rock in the 70s. With refined rhythms and polyphonic riffs on guitars and balafon, Bamba Wassoulou Groove succeed in reviving songs from both these and other Malinese heroes with splendour: High life, desert blues and folk music from the Wassoulou region, as well as inspiration from American blues and soul creates an exuberant mixture. With no less than three guitarists, the numerous terrific solos make up a great deal of the magic. But Bamba Wassoulou Groove also develops the genre further, presenting new material which is just as exciting. The new album “Dankélé” will be released on the label Lusafrica in 2020, and early samples available online give us a hint about this record showcasing funky rhythms and fabulous guitar playing taken to the next level.