The opening of Clandestino Festival will take place at Kulturtemplet; the old water reservoir at Gråberget. We welcome you up to this temple-like building which the founder and musician Jorge Alcaide has given new life.

Here we will experience Goncalo F Cardoso and Ruben Pater’s exhibition  A Study into the 21st Century Drone Acoustics. Juan delGado takes us on a visual journey through Europe during the worst refugee crisis in modern times.

Finally, Juan delGado takes place on stage together with journalist, activist and blogger Afrah Nasser from Yemen in a conversation about movement, identity and art as a political act.

The exhibitions will be open all weekend (28/7 – 31/7)  between 11 am and 4 pm


Opening at Järnhallen.

In Altered Landscapes we follow Juan DelGado through a personal narrative of a stunned Europe caught in the midst of the greatest flood of refugees seen in modern times. DelGado travelled to Greece, Macedonia and Calais’ infamous “Jungle” refugee camp to document the travels made those seeking asylum.

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A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics is an aural investigation performed by composer Gonçalo F. Cardoso (Discrepant Records) and designer Ruben Pater (Drone Survival Guide). What kind of engines are drones equipped with? What do they sound like? What are the psychological effects of the sounds in areas of conflict? This audio visual presentation will be based around field recordings of 17 different UAVs.

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Two new releases!


The mulit-instrumentalist, writer, composer and radio artist Ibaaku is one of the pioneers of a Sengalese Afro-Futurism. His music is original and hypnotic with expansive urban influences. The album debut Alien Cartoon, released ny Akwaaba in January 2016, was inspired by Dakars murmuring energy, as well as the green beaches of Casamances and the raw rocks of Sardinia where the artist often finds escape.

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Nadah El Shazly has in the music circles of Cairo become a name thanks to her versitality and impressive vocal capacities, which finds its place in everything from Jazz and Punk to traditional Egyptian ensemble music. After having experimented as a vocalist in a Punk band in her teenage years, Nadah El Shazly developed her improvisation skills at smokey Jazz bars and clubs in Cairo.

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Peder Mannerfelt, Mabiisi, Alif


The avant gardist Peder Mannerfelt creates his own electronic universe with certitude and originality. As part of the duo Roll The Dice he has created experimental, drone-oriented electronic music since 2007, but is probably most known under the pseudonym The Sublimal Kid, under which he has worked with Fever Ray and Blonde Redhead as well as remixed Massice Attack, Lykke Li and Bat for Lashes. On his latest album, the nine-track Controlling Body which was released as late as april this year, he has collaborated with the artist Glasser who’s voice adds a new dimension to his deconstructed universe of sound.

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Mabiisi is the artistic meeting between the musicians Art Melody from Burkina Faso and Steve Atambire from Ghana, The two artists speak similiar languages, come from similar cultures but are separated by colonial borders which still divide the two groups. Mabiisi, which means “brother from another morher” in both languages, strive to unite the rawness from classical hip hop with the traditional kologo music.

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There are few bands whose members have played in hardcore and punk bands, but are also trained oudist who have studied with masters such as Mehmet Bitmez och Naseer Shamma. There are also few bands who since the age of five have been writing protest songs for the first Intifada. And who fifteen years later wrote song right during the gunfights of the second Intifada, and at the same time running a record label.  But all of these are parts that make up Alif.

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