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Clandestino Festival takes place at several different venues, which means that the level of accessibility may vary. We have here summarized the information about how accessible the venues are.

Angered Theatre:
– The stages are accessible from ground level, which makes it easy to access the building by wheelchair.
– There’s a big parking area near the theatre, and parking spots reserved for those with a permit.
– An accessible WC is available.
– You can contact the theatre by calling 031-3315408 or e-mailing info[at]

– Wheelchair users can enter the church from the south side, where the entrance is at ground level.
– There’s a parking for those with a permit available, next to the south entrance.
– There’s an accessible WC available.
– A hearing loop is integrated in the sound system.
– If you have questions you can contact anders.brosche[at]

– It’s possible to access the venue by wheelchair at the back of the building.
– An accessible WC is available.
– You can contact them by calling 031-147100 or e-mailing info[at]

Musikens Hus:
– There’s a parking area behind the building.
– Entry is usually through the main entrance but wheel chair uses can, with help from the staff, enter by the yard directly into the concert venue.
– An accessible WC is available on the ground floor.
– There might be flashing lights and a smoke machine used on stage.
– For questions or help with entry you can contact them by calling 031-121583.

Stora Teatern:
– An access ramp and an elevator is available.
– For visitors with impaired vision seating is recommended from the fifth row.
– There’s a wireless hearing loop system available, visitors can borrow equipment from the staff. The loop system requires a hearing aid with a so called ”T switch”.
– An accessible WC is available.
– Guide dogs are welcome, but you have to book a ceartain seat. You can contact the ticket office by calling 031-3683299 or by e-mailing biljett[at]

The Museum of World Culture
– There are two parking spots available at the main entrance, for those with a permit. There’s also a large parking area at the back of the building. The main entrance is at ground level.
– There are two elevators available. If you need help you can contact the staff in the reception.
– There are accessible WC:s available on the second and third floor.
– The elevators have braille text and guide dogs are welcome.


The 17th edition of Clandestino Festival is curated by the artists El Perro del Mar and Mariam The Believer in collaboration with Aleksander Motturi who founded the festival in 2003.

Sarah Assbring took the name El Perro del Mar in 2003 when she released her first recordings. Her beautifully fragile songs earned her instant acclaim within Gothenburg’s booming indie scene. Since then, she has explored a wide palette of musical expressions. For example, on her latest album KoKoro, influences from Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indian pop music have found their way into the songwriting.

Mariam Wallentin is known from the duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums and as a member of Fire! Orchestra. While those two projects tend to explore the outer reaches of drum-and-song experiments or embark on daring free jazz excursions, it is in the solo project Mariam The Believer that we find the melodic and soulful brilliance of Mariam Wallentin full on.


Ordinary price for a 4 day pass is 795 SEK.  A limited amount of the first 4 day festival passes has been released at an Early Bird price. They give access to all shows (unless otherwise stated) during Clandestino Festival 4–7 June 2020. Early bird prices are changing every month; December (495, sold out), January (545, sold out), February (595, sold out), March (645), April (695), May (745) and June (795 SEK).

For tickets to Club Clandestino see links below:
Jerusalem in My Heart + Kali Malone + Lucretia Dalt 6 March Folkteatern
Lula Pena + Lea Bertucci 25 March Folkteatern
Alex Zhang Hungtai 1 April Oceanen
Vanligt Folk 11 pril Oceanen
Onipa 9 May Oceanen

With a festival pass there’s a 25% discount on concerts before the festival at Oceanen in Gothenburg. Use code “CLANDESTINO2020”.

We will release tickets on April 3 for our other concerts. If there are any tickets left they will be sold at each venue.

The promoters reserve the right to make changes of the lineup and performances before and during the festival, if necessary. Festival passes are only sold for the festival itself and not for the individual artists and performances, and can’t be exchanged due to cancelled or changed bookings.




The 17th edition of Clandestino Festival will take place 6-9th of June in Gothenburg:

Kulturhuset Blå Stället
424 65 Angered

Haga kyrkoplan
411 23 Göteborg

Stigbergstorget 8
414 63 Göteborg

Djurgårdsgatan 13
414 62 Göteborg

Kungsparken 1
411 36 Göteborg

Södra Vägen 54
412 54 Göteborg

Olof Palmes Plats
413 04 Göteborg

Some concerts will take place at Fasching in Stockholm:

Kungsgatan 63
111 22 Stockholm