Aktivistsalongen #2: Husbyhändelsen

942733_10151663284170350_926487272_nTHE HUSBY EVENT

8 June at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Clandestino Institut
Tredje Långgatan 13b
413 03 Gothenburg

Contact: aktivistsalongen@clandestinofestival.org

While the fiction becomes real play fictional scenes take place in everyday life. The ongoing Husby incident demonstrates that we live in a divided society. Not only the event itself. But also – and especially – the analyzes and reactions highlighted in the media.

While many voices talk about frustration over police brutality (leathal shootings) as an explanation, various forms of racism (including racial profiling) and increasing unemployment in already disadvantaged areas where closures of schools, health centers and dental services have intensified; other comments focus on the need to expand police powers to protect the Swedish democracy. In a subtle way, it seems that the event itself is not Swedish. Although riots and fires undoubtedly take place in Sweden, it has its origins in something that is foreign to Sweden.

It is reported in the international as well as in the Swedish press that immigrants are behind the revolt: it is, they say, in immigrant areas that they take place and right wing populists pour out their hatred towards these groups in social media while they also created a Facebook page to the Swedish police’s defense. The language of hatred is flexing its muscles to the limit.

Aktivistsalongen #2 focuses on this event through a series of speed analyzes similar to what we did with Maktskiftet’s video “Tro, Hopp och Utanförskap” in Aktivistsalongen #1.

Activist Salon #2 will take place on June 8 at 1 PM to 3 PM at Clandestino Institut (Third Street 13b 413 03 Gothenburg) and is a part of Clandestino Festival, Summer Edition.

We will provide a list of participants shortly. Register your interest by submitting an A4 where arguments and form of presentation are included.

Contact: aktivistsalongen@clandestinofestival.org