Ida Börjel


 Clandestino Botnik 28 July Bottna

Ida Börjel was born in 1975 in Lund, and lives in Malmö. After a knee injury put an end to her basketball career, she began to write and aroused great attention in 2004 with her debut collection of poetry, “Sond”, which was rewarded with both Borås Tidnings prize for best debut and Katapultpriset (The Writers Unions prize for best debut). In 2006 Börjel published “Skåne Radio” in which she works from local discontent broadcasts on local radio. In her latest book, the acclaimed “Konsumentköplagen: juris lyrik” (2008), Börjel uses the cosumers law to create a poetic dialogue between the Buyer and Seller. The text turns into a drama where images of the Law, authorities and consumption is pictured. A picture of a society in which the author may be more important as a consumer than a poet. “Konsumentköplagen: juris lyrik” has also been dramatized for theatre. What distinguishes Ida Börjels poetry is a curiosity for the world outside literature. And she uses such diverse things as legal clauses and racist radio stations. Her poems are both political and funny. With three collections of poetry she has not only become one of the most important conceptual poets but also one of the most influential Swedish poets of the 00s.