Clandestino at Göteborg Film Festival

Clandestino is back at Pustervik and presents a star-studded musical soiree. On stage: Two French acts, namely Débruit and Erotic Market. Furthermore from Gothenburg, Amina Hocine and Dj Olof Heinö. The evening is organized in cooperation with the Gothenburg Film Festival, membership card in the film festival is required for entry. Click on the artists’ names below to read more and listen to music.

Lördag 30 januari 2015

21.00 Amina Hocine (SE) | Pustervik, stora scen

23.00 Erotic Market (FR) | Pustervik, stora scen

00.00 DJ Olof Heinö (SE) | Pustervik, stora scen

01.00 Débruit (FR/UK) | Pustervik, stora scen

02.00 DJ Olof Heinö (SE) | Pustervik, stora scen

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