Thank you!

We have taken breath for a moment, looked through tons of photos, trying to sum ​​up last weekend’s experiences: To us, it feels like a legendary, magical festival excursion! A warm thank you to all who helped make Clandestino Botnik 2014 possible: Everyone who performed, sang, danced, read, recited, showed art; our friends who run Botnik Farms, Gerlesborgsskolan, KKV, actors, directors and others at Angered Theatre, Gallery Box, photographers, sound and light technicians, raft builders … and an extra super mega thanks to all volunteers xoxo. Thanks also to our sponsors: Tanums Municipality and Västra Götaland kulturnämnd. Finally, thanks to an amazing audience. We hope to see you all again at Clandestino Botnik next summer, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news on this and other events. We can already announce that all profit from Clandestino Botnik will go towards helping undocumented/hiding refugees.

About 80 photos of Clandestino Botnik are now in our archives.

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