Ultra Satan

With psychedelic guitars, Miami Vice-esque synths and fat bass lines, Ultra Satan makes funky folk music from outer space. Or Freedom rock, as this Gothenburg all star combo have called it. The band includes members from experimental and krautrock-inspired acts such as SPR, Fontän and Uran GBG, and in the live format they have collaborated with members from Tentakel as well as visual artist Ekta. So far, Ultra Satan has released a handful of vinyl records in which they aim their syncopated punches against the contemporary treadmill work ethics and over-consumption, inequlity and capitalism in general. Attentive listeners will find themes about tearing down the enslaving machine that is today’s society and building something else, more human in its place. However, this group is able to mix philosophy with punk approach: Like when they printed the Västra Götaland county’s iconic green-blue logo next to the name Ultra Satan on their band shirts, and triggered a minor media storm.