Lowdjo to play Botnik + Festival bus

lowdjoWe’re getting closer to our festival excursion to the idyllic Botnik Farms in Bohuslän – Clandestino Botnik 27-28 July. Time to present our latest booking – we give you Dj Lowdjo directly from Brussels: Thai beat, Turkish psych, tropicalia, Syrian techno, Arabic chaabi, cumbia, Iraqi Choubi, Balkan bass … the world is a juicy, danceable oyster about to overflow and splash down all of Clandestino Botnik festival in a deliciously salty dance afrodisiac. Strange sounds and rhythms mixed together in a highly contemporary, electrified plastic explosive. Or as Lowdjo himself puts it: “I like a lot of different music.” | Read more

The best way to travel to Clandestino Botnik is with Festivalbussen. The bus departs from Shell at Nils Ericsson terminal in Gothenburg 12:20 on 27 July and leaves the next day around 17:30 when the last concert ends. Cheap, environmentally friendly, the best atmosphere and plenty of space for tents, sleeping bags, and other stuff you need. NOTE: Return ticket only 195 SEK if you buy a ticket before Sunday, July 21. After that the price is 295 SEK. | Book here

Contact: info@clandestinofestival.org