Mara Lee


Clandestino Botnik 28 July Bottna

Mara Lee is a writer who grew up in Skåne, Sweden and is now based in Stockholm. Her books revolve around issues of power, sexuality, alienation, desire and the construction of femininity. Her debut came in 2000: The lyrical prose book “Kom” (Vertigo förlag). The latest book, the novel Salome, was awarded the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet’s Literature prize and the PO Enquist prize. The book is about a young girl who is neither a stranger to violence or violent desires. Mara Lee will release a new poetry collection “Min natur” (My Nature) in the autumn, it is a collaboration with the poet Kristin Hill and published in Norway by Tur Forlag. Mara Lee is currently writing a thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Gothenburg, on literature as resistance and responsibility.