Three White Soldiers

skogen1Clandestino Botnik 27-28 July Bottna

Money and language have something in common: they are nothing and yet they move everything.”
(Franco Berardi, Emancipation of the Sign)

Three White Soldiers is a Research-Installation at Clandestino Botnik by Anders Paulin & Johan Forsman of Skogen. In Mahwah, New Jersey, lies a cubistic building with no windows and just one door. This is the 37.000 m2 digital heart of Wall Street – a so-called co-location with surreal computer power processing all the information of the North American stockmarket. Here the New York Stock Exchange both keep their own servers and host the servers of banks and other companies with the interest and fnancial resources of being as close as possible to the source of the information. The monolithic, algorithmic machine is operating in speeds beyond human perception, making this cube of financial immanence a vehicle with no throttle or steering wheel. In this 3-dimensional version of Malevich´s Black Square, 25 % of all the daily transactions on Wall Street are operated left alone from human intervention, and without ever leaving this man-made space of alterity and otherness. This Kaba of the Financial World, is our Graal: The virtual aim of the project Three White Soldiers – a pilgrimage into the void of contemporary Black Box Trading. At Clandestino Botnik, Skogen present an installation based on their research for the project.