Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat

Dewa Alit is one of the foremost composers of gamelan music of his generation in Bali. Born to a musical family on the Indonesian island, he grew up with gamelan music and began performing at age eleven. In 2007, he started his own group, Gamelan Salukat, where he explored new paths for gamelan music, among other things, through new instruments of his own tuning.

His music has been played at Carnegie Hall and performed by groups such as MIT’s Gamelan Electrika, American Talujon Percussion and Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt. Among his many collaborations with musicians and dancers, one might mention the Tokyo-based Theater Annees Folles, butoh dancer Ko Murobushi, and noh master Reijiro Tsumura .

His group Gamelan Salukat usually consists of 25 musicians, 16 of whom perform in this concert. The ensemble has previously appeared in Evan Ziporyn’s opera, A House in Bali, and toured with Bang On a Can All-stars in the US.

A collaboration with Levande musik and Folkteatern, supported by the Nordic Culture Fund. Note that this concert is not included in the Clandestino Festival pass.