King Kami

King Kami is the artist name of Brazilian DJ Kamila Medeiros, based in Lisbon.

Her career started back in 2015 with the duo Caravagyo and the “Noites Medusa” parties that they hosted, weekly events that would showcase mostly LGBT emergent artists on the music scene in Lisbon.

King Kami’s sets are a journey through northeast Brazilian rhythms, inspired by the romanticism of synths and the brega beats, mixed up with a lot of funk vibes as well.

Recently, she has started to play more and more Brazilian funk, introducing the rawness of its lyrics and stories into her sets. Influences come from all around the giant nation, but especially from the northeast corner of Brazil, specifically from the city João Pessoa-Paraíba.

Currently a resident DJ at Radio Quantica and performing around Europe, King Kami enjoys showing this part of the world an exciting mix of heavy bass, fast bpm and acapella putaria blended with aggressive high pitch synths, topping all these elements off with baile funk rhythms. Get ready for an energetic trip through King Kami’s universe of sound.