Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri

German electronic minimalism meets Senegalese percussive fever: We are excited to announce that the acclaimed Berlin based producer Mark Ernestus (of Rhythm & Sound, Basic Channel and Hardwax fame) is coming with Jeri-Jeri, his group of magnificent Senegalese griot musicians, to to Clandestino Festival, Summer Edition 8 June. More info here.

Tickets to Clandestino Summer 8 June 2013 Get tickets

Here’s a great offer: If you get a ticket to Clandestino Festival 4th of May or 8th of June now, we will give you one of the following super attractive Clandestino custom made, fully organic and fairtrade items for free: Tote bag, tank top, briefs or panties. Simply take a photo of your ticket, email it to along with your choice of Clandestino merch and your contact info. (If you live in Gothenburg it would be great if you can simply some by our office and make sure you get the right size). This offer is valid until 1 February 2013 or until we run out of merchandise, so better hurry!