Xenia Kriisin




Clandestino Botnik 28 July

Swedish musician/composer Xenia Kriisin started as a solo project, but her longing for new challenges and new sounds has resulted in many different constellations, with many different musicians through out the years. Even though Xenia usually writes and performs her music alone with help of the zither and the bass pedal, the sound of her new album is a result of the collaboration between her, drummer/producer Johan Hjalmarsson and a choir consisting of very talented female improvisation-vocalists.

Yes, it is pop, but with her background in improvisation, that too is a strong foundation. The joy of not knowing how the next concert will be, to allow the unwritten parts the time and space that they need. This is also reflected in the album. Melodies and lyrics come first – then what comes after, it depends.