Clandestino Festival and Nisennenmondai at Stigbergstorget

Nisennenmondai_blommor_800x530_02This year we will plant Clandestino Festival at Stigbergstorget’s heights. The festival’s underground roots have drilled down through Gothenburg clay foundation. They have swum out of the harbor entrance to squiggle into the world’s nooks and hiding places, in search of the musical nourishment we know you need. On the 5-7 June 2014, we present this year’s best bargains on new and old scenes around Stigbergstorget in Gothenburg.


In our treasure-chest we find the Japanese instrumental trio Nisennenmondai. With a background in Tokyo’s noise scene, they mangle suggestive rhythms through warped loops and hints of suppressed disco beats. A simultaneously messy and exact soulful sound attack that shouldn’t be missed. | Read more & listen

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