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It is a strange creature, Mariam the Believers debut album Blood Donation: Desert Blues mixed with seventies rock and gigantic echoes. Texts about string theory alongside romantic images of moonlight so bright it could melt ice.

An impressive collection of songs, dynamic and soulful as they speak to us from the universe’s darkest place. Perhaps it can be called goth-soul, for lack of a better genre name? Or holistic space-gospel?

The song writing is centered around the electric guitar, which has brought Mariam Wallentin’s music in a new direction, which is more about melody and harmony (in her other band, the duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums, she works with an intense expression by only drums and vocals). At the core, there is always Mariam Wallentin’s voice, or should we say voices. The variety and scope in terms of the vocals form Mariam the Believers music into an unpredictable and rejuvenating blood infusion.

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