Meridian Brothers is a tropicalia / psychedelia group from Bogota, Colombia. The band was formed in 1998, initially songwriter Eblis Alvarez’s one-man project, focusing entirely on experimental compositions that were released as small cassette editions. Soon, the band grew into a highly original live combo with new members Maria Valencia (saxophone, clarinet, percussion and synthesizer), Damian Ponce (percussion), Cesar Quevedo (bass) and Alejandro Forero (electronic instruments, synthesizer). The album “Deseperanza” was a reckless mix of Latin American rhythms and primitive music machines: Farfisa organ, Moog synthesizer, rhythm boxes. In a parallel universe, the same record could have been made by Joe Meeks, stuck in an elevator with Os Mutantes in 1967, jamming on acid. The album also led to the Meridian Brothers’ first European tour, including a concert at Clandestino Festival 2013. On the new record, Salvadora Robot, Eblis Alvarez and his musicians dive deeper into Tropicalia. But this time, every single song is a study of a specific Latin American rhythm. Humorous, sometimes cheesy and mostly strange: Meridian Brothers is definitely an experience whether you prefer to dance salsa or listen to Star Trek sound effects.