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Clandestino Podcast
Asad Buda

Asad Buda is an Afghan writer and artist. He was born during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and was only two years old when his father was killed by the Mujahideen. A member of the country’s Hazar minority, Asad Buda had a religious upbringing. As a teenager he moved to Iran to study Islam. However, his experiences, along with the discovery of writers such as Paul Celan eventually made him question political Islam. He would soon move his focus towards sociology and literature studies in Teheran, where he was later to be imprisoned. In 2015, he came to Sweden on a scholarship as a refugee writer in Karlstad. In this interview, made by Mia Herman, he talks–among other things–about his poem Urbicide and the ideas behind it. The music in this episode was performed by Aziz Herawi.

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