Monthly Archives: December 2019

Ultra Satan

With psychedelic guitars, Miami Vice-esque synths and fat bass lines, Ultra Satan makes funky folk music from outer space. Or Freedom Rock, as this Gothenburg all star combo have called it. The band includes members from experimental and krautrock-inspired acts such as SPR, Fontän and Uran GBG, and on stage they have collaborated with Tentakel as well as visual artist Ekta. So far, Ultra Satan have released a handful of vinyl records in which they aim their syncopated punches against our contemporary treadmill work ethic, over-consumption, inequality and capitalism in general. Attentive listeners will find themes about tearing down the enslavement machine that is today’s society and building something more human in its place. However, this group is still able to mix philosophy with a punk attitude: like when they designed band t-shirts replacing the name in Västra Götaland county’s iconic green-blue logotype with their own, triggering a minor media storm.

Lea Bertucci – cancelled

American composer and performer Lea Bertucci’s work describes relationships between acoustic phenomena and biological resonance. In addition to her instrumental practice, (alto saxophone and bass clarinet), her work often incorporates multi-channel speaker arrays, electroacoustic feedback, extended instrumental technique and tape collage.

Her output includes a number of solo and collaborative releases on independent labels, as well as a commission for instrumental ensemble Tigue and a book of graphic scores entitled The Tonebook. Her most recent record Metal Aether (2018) was recorded in part in a former military base in Le Havre, France. Here, Lea Bertucci explores her acute interest in the nature of acoustics and the harmonic accumulation of sound, producing pulsing minimalist patterns, transcendent drones, and upper register squalls with her horn, which envelop the space in waves of overtones, microtones, and psychoacoustic effects. Tickets

Bamba Wassouolou Groove

This funky seven-man group was formed by Bamba Dembélé, originally designed as a tribute for the legendary Super Djata Band, a combo that rocked their homeland of Mali in the 70s. With refined balafon rhythms and polyphonic riffs, Bamba Wassoulou Groove have succeeded in reviving songs from both these and other Malian heroes with splendour: High life, desert blues and folk music from the Wassoulou region, as well as inspiration from American blues and soul, creates an exuberant mixture. With no less than three guitarists, the numerous terrific solos make up a great deal of the magic. But Bamba Wassoulou Groove also develops the genre further with new material which is just as exciting. Their new album “Dankélé” will be released on the label Lusafrica in 2020, and an early listen hints at a showcase of funky rhythms and fabulous guitar slinging taken to the next level.