Nadia El Gohary

Nadia Elgohary is a youth trainer who has been working on youth development issues in Egypt since 2004. Nadia worked as an ”Arts and Development Project Coordinator” for ”Nahdet El Mahrousa” meaning ”the Renaissance of Egypt” in Arabic. Nahdet El Mahrousa is an Egyptian non-governmental organisation (NGO) led by young people and which seeks to make a positive and lasting impact on Egypt’s cultural, economic and social development through activating and engaging Egyptian youth in the country’s development, public work and decision-making arenas. Nadia is also one of the founding member of ”Waseela” youth development organization, an organisation whose objective is to give young Egyptians the tools and opportunities to develop their skills in order to play an active role in their society. Morever she has worked as a freelance trainer in the framework of ”Euro-Med Youth Programme” organizing and conducting training events for young people across the Meditterranean region.

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