Black Dough


Clandestino Festival winter edition 7 December
Oceanen, Stigbergstorget 8, Göteborg | Starts 19.00 | Full program | Tickets

Black Dough mixes Peter Brötzman-like skronky jazz with voodoo rock and punk. Deep down in the engine room, upright bass and drums are blaring out cymbal attacks and tritone chords. This machine has the same kind of explosive energy as found on late albums of John Coltrane’s Quartet. Malin Wättring’s baritone sax is many nautic miles away from the smooth jazz sailors: screaming along with Miranda Bjerking Raeder’s vocals. This Gothenburg quartet’s debut EP was released last spring to great critical acclaim in various magazines and at Clandestino Headquarters. Finally! The fuse is lit, Gothenburg’s first real punk jazz bomb is about to go off!