Four new acts to Clandestino Botnik

Clandestino Collage800px(1)From South African ghetto-blipp blopp to Japanese cyborg music. Four new acts are confirmed for Clandestino Botnik, our festival excursion to the country side of Bohuslän 27-28 July. But we also invite you to party with us much sooner, namely this weekend, read more below.

Shangaan Electro: Blippblopp Soweto style
Synthetic marimba licks. Soulful singing on top of a grid of outrageously maxed electronic beats. It sounds as if Super Mario ate one too many mushrooms, went down one of those green pipes and came out in a South African shanty town: A humoruos, mega artificial dance music saturated by plenty of harmful coloring agents and lots of call and respons chanting. | Read more

Daito Manabe: Robot soul
Japanese programmer mathematician and multimedia artist ooperating in a borderland between man and technology where his own face turns into a musical instrument and cubes of light and microphones are used to explore the interactions between machine code and music  – are they in fact one and the same? | Read more

Xenia Kriisin: Experimentell skönsång
The voice in focus and a sparse sound made up of zither and synth bass pedal. Before having released any recording whatsoever, Xenia was invited to perform on national tv show TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, was called ”Up and coming-artist” by magazine Nöjesguiden and has toured in both Sweden and abroad. Debut singel “Firearms” out soon. | Read more

Amina Hocine: Lofi-rymdpop
David Lynch-atmospheres. Waves of synthetic sound. Strings. Pop melodies and darkness. Just a few of the ingredients that make up the music of Amina Hocine. But first and foremost Amina Hocine is a talented songwriter and a magnificent singer. Currently collaborating with dub electro wizzard Andreas Tilliander and featured in the latest edition of music magazine Sonic. | Read more

Party at Kino
We are inviting everyone to join us in the celebration of our new festival program, which will be available fresh from the print shop at Kino in Göteborg on Friday 5 April. Come and be among the first to read it and have a drink with us between 9 PM and 2 AM and feel the vibrations from djs Scout Klas, Nathalie Barusta and others. Dembo Jatta will drop by and do a percussive guest performance. The party is thrown in collaboration with the film festival Cinemafrica.

Tickets to all editions of Clandestino Festival 2013 here.