DWattsWebWhen on the decks, a full spectrum of sound frequencies and genres are injected into the air, forcefully at times and at other times cast adrift from another angle. Sound, dispersed for the listeners pleasure or information. It’s not only about music for escaping the blue-collar-no-dollar blues, information is a valuable weapon. Now more than ever, it’s in the mix.

His DJ sets contain the explosive aura of Fun-da-mental concerts, (the band of which he is member). This space is where traditional Choubi music of Iraq meets bass-laden electronica; where experimental music collides with hip hop or ragas of the Indian sub-continent with radio broadcasts from Algeria somewhere in the mix; here, Zulu choirs sit comfortably with Louisiana blues and Rev. Jeremiah Wright telling it correct from the church floor.

He is not just a DJ, he is a live-action sound system. Every nuance of the music he selects is reflected by his body language, there are few as passionate behind the decks as he.

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