This project was born at the club Boutiq Electroniq in Kampala, Uganda. There, a group of percussionists who called themselves the Nilotika Cultural Ensemble used to perform, and in jam sessions with local DJs, a clash of dark techno, drones and frenetic live rhythms took place. The lmissing parts fell into place in 2017 when British drummer Spooky-J and synth player Peter Jones (pq) came to Uganda to visit the Nyege Nyege Festival. Their encounter with the seven percussionists led to Nihiloxica’s debut album, a journey deep into the tropical darkness of Bugandan techno. Their sophomore release Biiri came in the spring of 2019: By then, intensive touring had sharpened the groups sound further. The record is recorded live and gives a authentic picture of the intensity of Nihiloxica’s concerts. Here, traditional rhythms are given even more space in the encounter with dark drones and punk-jazzy undertones.