Goat is a four piece group from Osaka, Japan. On a stripped-down drum set, thumpy bass, electric guitar and a saxophone with a coke bottle jammed into its bell, the group makes minimalist music without any lyrics, melody and subjective expression. Instead, Goat works with timbre and overtones, organized in complex rhythms – meticulously organized time, like minimal techno performed on rock instruments with an impressive precision. Guitarist Koshiro Hino writes Goat’s music, he has also been active in projects such as Bonanzas and as a live member of Boredoms. Since Goat played at the Clandestino Festival in 2016, the band has been reshaped with a new line up and has gone even deeper into an almost tribal rhythmicity. Their third album will be released during 2020, and this concert will offer tastings from it.