Sea Lion

Botnik Studios | 22 July 2012 | Tickets

Sea Lion’s brunch time show on Sunday is guaranteed to be an enchanting, trance like  session infused with dreams of eternal wild summer fields, cool cyan colored night skies, impassioned melancholy conversations about love and disappointments. Sea Lion, a.k.a. Linn Österberg, much acclaimed indie princess from Göteborg who released her debut Mercy Land on IMK Records in September 2011, has followed her own musical path. Her lyrics talk about the pains and darkness of life, and about the longing for light and love. The music has the same flavor: passionate and dreamy with Linn’s crystal clear voice accompanied by delicate guitar playing. Therese Svensson backs her up, her voice in complete harmony with Sea Lion’s aural world. Close your eyes and let yourself fall down the rabbit hole, where you will land softly on pink cotton.