The Berg Sans Nipple

A warm afternoon in Paris, Shane Aspegren and Lori Sean Berg sat in a courtyard sipping wine when they came up with the name for their new musical collaboration: The Berg Sans Nipple. Their interpretation of this peculiar expression was ”a mountain without a peak”, a motto abstract enough to work for the newly conceived band. ”It has no peak but we just keep climbing” explains Aspegren. Fans of Brian Eno’s ”Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)” might recognize more than the mountaineering metaphor in this experimentally minded duo. Animal Collective or Yeasayer could be added if more clues are required as to what ”The Berg” sounds like.

The Berg Sans Nipple’s first project was the recording of soundtrack music for the short film “Marie-Madeleine” in 2002, och since then they have been blending electronica, dub, gamelan, postpunk, drone music on three albums and a handful of EP’s – topped off with a pinch of afro beat influences. Their music has been mostly instrumental but the latest album ”Build with Erosion” features Aspegren singing – although his voice is mostly cut up, effected or pitched down to such a degree that the result sounds more like an instrumental dance record.

The Berg Sans Nipple have played most of the best European festivals, at The Whitney Museum in New York and at the bottom of a moat of a medieval castle.